jakkelyn iris

Hi, I'm Jakki—
owner & lead designer.

Jakkelyn Iris was founded in 2012 in order to take a more artistic approach to floral design and create tangible experiences that forge deep connections through my wedding and event work.

 I value the ability to connect elements of each design, reflecting the essence of the individuals it is intended to celebrate. My process hinges on establishing a mutual agreement of trust, where shared visions align and clients receive a carefree hands-off approach, allowing for the element of the unexpected to unfurl and create truly remarkable outcomes. 



After a decade of diverse experience in retail flowers, I transitioned to working independently from my rented home and garage, allowing me to focus on crafting personalized designs.


As the business and my own family expanded, I collaborated with my husband and a skilled contractor to design the Ji Studio. Bathed in natural light, the studio showcases an array of rental items, ranging from porcelain and stoneware bowls to contemporary mixed metal compotes. It serves as a sanctuary for client meetings and proudly exhibits my eclectic thrifted collection of high school pottery projects.

Building upon the success of wedding designs, the studio efficiently expanded its services to include small group seasonal workshops, connecting attendees to their personal aesthetic and providing a creative catharsis through floral design.

i believe in...

Crafting floral expressions that authentically mirror your

story, love, and individuality.

Core Values of Jakkelyn Iris Floral Studio

Deep Connections

I believe that the true essence of your love story can only be captured when we create from a place of genuine emotional engagement. Your journey, your joys, everything that makes you, you - blossoms into a design that resonates deeply within you. This connection goes beyond flowers; it's about weaving the narrative of your unique bond into every arrangement, making your celebration intimately yours.

Inspired Collaboration

Your wedding vision is sacred, and seeing it flourish is my passion. Our collaboration is a blend of ideas and inspiration where your dreams for the day are the number one priority. You're not just looking for a florist; you're seeking a co-creator who respects the weight of your wedding whims and wishes. That's why I work alongside you, ensuring that your voice is the loudest in the room when your floral vision takes shape. Your dedication to design mirrors mine, and together, we ensure the result is nothing short of everything you could have imagined.

Unwavering Trust

Trust is the foundation of any successful collaboration. Your trust in me paves the way for floral artistry that captures the imagination and stands out in a crowd. I'm here to honor your desires, preferences, and budget with the highest respect and integrity. Trust in me to infuse your day with florals that are authentic to you, meticulously designed to complement your celebration’s narrative with elegance and sincerity.

I am on a continuous exploration of diverse avenues that fulfill me. It can be as simple as watching a new documentary while my dogs sleep beside me, seeing live music with my husband and friends, or observing my children develop profound connections with art and nature.

I hold unabashed and firm opinions about how funny I am, the criteria for a perfectly layered perfume combination, and the necessity for every town to have a tax-funded dump rather than paying per item (a hill I am willing to die on).

When I’m Not Running A Floral Studio…

I'll            have your back.



So, whether it's guiding you towards the grandeur of a lush ceremonial arch that frames you both as you share vows or suggesting a more subtle bouquet that complements you without competing, I’m here to ensure that your floral story is genuinely yours. After all, your wedding day is an ensemble of choices that should collectively sing your names - not just echo the times.

Want to hear more about how we can collaborate? Let's hop on a discovery call!

I thrive on genuine connections with clients, as it allows me to help you discover your authentic floral expression. Together, we'll craft designs that reflect your unique essence, creating an unforgettable wedding or event experience that speaks to your soul. 

From local to global, I take great pride in the strength of my vendor relationships. Flower sourcing and quality are of utmost importance to me, whether it entails working closely with local flower farmers through the CT Flower Collective or collaborating with wholesalers to acquire distinctive varieties from around the world. Each piece of the puzzle holds immense importance, and I'm eager to wax poetic about the significance of every element during a discovery call.

let's work together

"Her work is absolute, pure talent and I don’t think the look of our wedding would have been accomplished without her."

— ashley

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