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Where We Welcome Couples Who Are Into

At Jakkelyn Iris Floral Studio, my team and I understand that it’s not just about having flowers - it’s about creating moments that will move both you and your guests. I believe in creating more than just arrangements; I craft experiences that you’ll remember long after your wedding day. 




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Your Guide In The Immersive World Of Wedding Florals.

I'm here to refine your floral vision into a tangible expression - I’m the design partner you didn’t even know you needed. Because with my 20+ years in the industry, I’ve curated a design process intuitively rooted in the human experience.

Hi, I’m Jakki

"If I were to get married again, I'd hire Jakkelyn in an instant. Her work literally took my breath away."

— jenna f.

"Jakki, by far, exceeded our expectations in every aspect of her design, flower picks, and enthusiasm.

— Abby F.

"I know my words cannot do her work justice, but trust me that her work is THAT good in real life."

— Minnie b.

"Definitely not cookie cutter wedding florist. Her eye for design is wonderful uniquely creative."

— Linda H.

"Jakki totally got exactly where I was going with everything and her and her team executed it perfectly!"

— nicole p.

Where Artistry and Collaboration Is What We’re All About

Jakkelyn Iris Floral Studio

When you collaborate with us, you're not just booking a vendor; you're entering into a partnership where your love story and my passion for floral artistry come together. I believe every couple has a unique tale to tell, and my job is to translate that into the language of flowers. It’s my biggest flex

My approach? It’s simple:

It's about crafting your emotions into every floral piece I create, making sure that when your guests see the arrangements, they see the essence of you.

From our first meeting, I'm all ears and creativity – listening to the way you speak about each other, the plans for your life together, the big dreams you have for your wedding day. This is where our collaboration begins. I take your stories, mix them with my expertise, and together, we plan a floral scene that's more than decoration; it's an integral part of your celebration.

I'm here to make sure that the


at your wedding aren't just


but that they're a testament

to your




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Floral design is my form of                

This is my promise to you: a wedding day filled with florals that are every bit as vibrant and alive as your own love story.

Where every choice stem, texture, and tone is deliberate and aimed at reflecting your personality and passion. For me, it’s about ensuring that when you look back on your wedding photos, you don't just remember how much you loved your florals, but you remember the excitement as your vision came to life, the love that the florals represented, and how seen you felt throughout the process. 


It might sound sappy, but that’s just the truth.

What Jakkelyn Iris Floral Studio Offers            

In short, we offer comprehensive floral design services tailored to modern and contemporary couples. From full-service events to micro weddings, we focus on collaborative and personal experiences, ensuring every detail feels intimate but elevated.

Why? Because your wedding deserves to be legendary. Not “okay,” not “good,” not even “great,” - but legendary. This means every choice, from flowers to foliage, is curated to be an aesthetic expression of your love story.

we want to work together

The Details:           

For those envisioning an all-out celebration with floral art as a central theme.

+ Tailored for Weddings with 60 Guest or More
+ A comprehensive experience includes planning, design, on-site execution, and clean-up.
+ Includes personal, ceremony, and reception floral design

Average client investment starts at $8000

full service design is for you if:

+ You have an abundant floral vision that takes precedence over most other aspects of your wedding day
+ You want an experienced artist to collaborate with and bring this vision to life.
+ You understand that your florals will unapologetically set the tone for your wedding, both visually and emotionally.

that sounds like us!



The Details:           

Perfect for intimate gatherings under 60 guests, where aesthetic details are still the main focus.

+ A comprehensive experience that includes planning, design, on-site execution, and clean-up
+ Option of in-studio sample meeting or digital mock-up

Average client investment starts at $4500

Micro Wedding Design is for you if…

+ You understand that smaller weddings require just as much attention to detail and planning as larger celebrations, but you’re choosing to put the majority of your focus into one or two specific areas
+ You still want the full floral design and collaborative process

It’s like you’re speaking our language

We Don’t Believe in Skimping On Florals,

And We Hope You Don’t Either.


That’s why both of our packages include:

+ A preliminary mood board based off our consult call conversation
+ Creative Direction call 
+ Comprehensive floral design concept
+ In-studio sample meeting or digital mockup of concept


Connect with us for a consultation and let’s start sketching your floral blueprint.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Q: How far in advance should I book my wedding florals?

Q: Can I DIY some of my own florals?

Q: Where do you source your flowers?

Q: What areas do you serve? Are you open to travelling?How far in advance should I book my wedding florals?

Q: Do you have a minimum investment requirement?

Q: How do we secure our date?

Typically, our clients book our services approximately 1 year to 8 months prior to their wedding date.  Anything under that time frame doesn't give us enough time and space to collaborate to the best of our ability!

Q: How far in advance should I book my wedding florals?

Q: Can I DIY some of my own florals?

Respectfully, we’d prefer you not to! Not only does DIY’ing some of your own florals infringe on our creative design process, but it also interrupts our wedding day groove when setting up all of your gorgeous arrangements. If you’d prefer hiring us for a la carte florals, we do offer that option!

Q: Where do you source your flowers?

We source our flowers from reputable local and international suppliers, trusted partner farms, and collectives like the CT Flower Collective. Quality, freshness, and sustainability are our top priorities. We welcome inquiries about our sustainable practices or arranging an event with 100% locally grown flowers.

Q: What areas do you serve? Are you open to travelling?How far in advance should I book my wedding florals?

We lovingly call Connecticut our home, but we’re always open to taking 2-3 out-of-state weddings per year if we have a mutual obsession with each other. If you love our work and know you want to collaborate, reach out via our contact form! 

Q: Do you have a minimum investment requirement?

Yes, we do! For micro weddings (under 60 guests), our minimum investment is $4000. For full service weddings, our minimum is $7000.

Q: How do we secure our date?

When you’re ready to book, I personally send your contract outlining all the details we discussed during our consult call, along with an invoice for your retainer (35% of your total invoice). Once those steps are complete, you’re officially on the books!