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Investment starts at $6,000-With a majority of our wedding work falling within the $8,000-$12,000 price range.

Our wedding investment encompasses more than just exquisite flowers and their design. You'll receive a comprehensive design plan, crafted collaboratively from the beginning. We'll embark on a studio sample meeting, allowing us to fine-tune rentals and finalizing offerings in real time. During the production week, our dedicated JI staff will handle flower processing, meticulous cleaning, and careful packing of all delivery items. On the big day, we'll take care of delivery, seamless setup, and stress-free breakdown, ensuring a flawless event experience.


Large Events

Investment starts at $5,000, but is largely dependant on the size & scale of your event.

Similar to wedding design, you'll receive a comprehensive and collaborative design plan, carefully tailored to your specific vision. During the production week, our dedicated JI staff will meticulously process and prepare the flowers, ensuring they are fresh and flawless for your event. On the day itself, we take care of everything, from seamless delivery and setup to efficient breakdown, allowing you to focus on enjoying a successful event.

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Micro-Weddings & Other Intimate Events

Typical guest count is under 60 or less. Reach out for pricing & availability.

For intimate gatherings and micro-weddings, our offerings are tailored to suit the size and style of your event. From thoughtfully designed florals to personalized touches, each detail is carefully considered. Reach out to us to start the conversation and let us bring your intimate celebration to life.